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February 27, 2011

Welcome to Fur Rondy – Frostbite Footrace

When it comes to play, part of the equation may be “build it and they will play”, but another equally important component is “program it and they will play”. Create events and opportunities, and you’ll find that your public spaces come alive with people enjoying themselves.

In its 76th year, Anchorage’s Fur Rondy (Fur Rendezvous) has emerged as a 10 day long community gathering that spans everything from pancake breakfasts and balls, to hobby shows, to a multitude of outdoor events. From a Winter City and Winter Play point of view, we wanted to share with you some of the (perhaps) unique ways that people of all ages get out and play during the winter.

Frosty beers need cell phones too.

Many of the charity sports events in Alaska seem to draw a section of the populace that finds it a good excuse to dress up funny. With a bit of wind chill, and being about 10F during the race, the benefit of a costume can also be extra warmth. For the Frostbite Footrace, having a costume (and a race bib) also puts you in the running for winning a costume prize (and the actual race also has prizes for how well you do in either of the 2K or 5K distances). For the costumes, the first-place group award went to three Sock Monkeys, and the single-person went to Frosty Cupcake. Oh, and if it makes you want to enter next year, I think all of the entrants get a T-shirt!

(stay tuned for more blog posts on other Winter Play events)

One of the better costumes.

Not a costume… Fur Rondy brings out the best in people in the already weird populace of Alaska.

KISS rounds the corner

If you don’t have race bibs… why the costumes???

Sock monkeys normally creep me out…
But these ones were kind of cute…