Corvus Design Blog

July 11, 2014

The fun we get to have…

We just found a blog entry that we forgot to publish during our design for Russian Jack Springs Park. Since we just posted photos of the final product we thought that it would still be interesting to upload some of the graphics from Landscape Structures that were used as the basis of design for getting bids on the custom equipment for the playground. Living in Alaska, we wanted to theme it in a way that related to our lives and history, but to not make it too expected or cheesy. The iconic – everyone loves polar bears for how cute and cuddly they seem, and I imagine that Coke advertisements haven’t hurt how the polar bear has a pretty iconic place in the North American (if not worldwide) consciousness. Ravens are more present than polar bears across the North, and are equally iconic due to how crafty and clever they area.

One of the interesting parts of this project was our collaboration with Landscape Structures on the sculpting of the polar bear head. The sketch above is certainly different than what was installed. It was a challenge to develop a friendly polar bear with his mouth wide open, but they certainly met that challenge. Just look at the sparkle in the eyes of the final sculpture!