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February 25, 2011

Sublime Yellowknife Mini-Golf

Walking around in Yellowknife, NWT (revisiting old stomping grounds) we came across this mini-golf course that was a little bit worse for wear in places (officially it’s the Wade Hamer mini-Putt). While not high design, it’s well integrated into the  landscape and the feels like you’re playing in, well… Yellowknife. Yellowknife lies at a northern edge of the Boreal Forest (black spruce and paper birch type of landscape), smack dab in the middle of the Canadian Shield (large expanses of exposed rock at the surface, glaciated smooth… punctuated with vegetation). Downtown is only about a ten minute walk away.

I don’t know what kind of use this got in its heyday (it was there after my time), but I’d definitely go and buy a putter and some balls to play it even in its more decrepit shape!

Integrated into the landscape.

Curling rock (without handle)
Ride and putt?