Ms. Pringle is a recent graduate with a diverse education in landscape architecture. This has equipped her with a skill set to assist with the design and development of a number of sites, as well as playing a lead role in project setup, graphic visualization, and construction documentation. Throughout her schooling and beyond into the professional industry, Ms. Pringle has continued to strengthen and grow her interest in the ecological aspect of landscape architecture. Ms. Pringle enjoys learning about the restoration and mitigation of disturbed landscapes and the challenge of integrating people into natural systems, providing recreational and educational opportunities and creating spaces that speak to us on a cognitive level.

As an employee at Corvus Design, Ms. Pringle will focus primarily on recreational planning and design. Previous work in the interior of British Columbia focusing on parks and recreation, as well as public green spaces has provided her with the experience to apply herself to the unlimited landscape found in Alaska. Her goal in recreational planning is to find and maintain a healthy balance between the natural environment and recreational activities. With a passion for the outdoors and a strong interest in maintaining ecologically functioning systems, Ms. Pringle is looking forward to providing spaces that create connections between us as humans and the surrounding natural environment.



  • Ecological restoration of degraded and damaged landscapes.
  • Designing public open space that interacts with humans on a cognitive level to create happier and healthier spaces within our daily environments
  • Project management, leadership, and design


“As a new resident of Alaska, I am looking forward to learning about the amazing culture, unlimited history, and wide diversity of ecosystems that are found here. Growing up in the interior of British Columbia I have spent most of my time outdoors and am very excited to have the opportunity to explore the vast landscapes in Alaska, both through my work with Corvus Design and on my own. I am really enjoying the small town feel of everywhere I go in Alaska, and how willing everyone is to help out and make me feel at home. There never seems to be a shortage of new places to see and it is a true joy to work with the wide diversity of cultures and communities within Alaska.”