Bradley is a landscape designer with a degree in landscape architecture from the Clemson University. This education in landscape architecture has prepared him to work with diverse sites with various scales, locations, and needs. During his education and into his professional career, Bradley has continued to strengthen his interest in community-based and people-based designs. Bradley has a strong interest in how individuals react and interact with spaces though understanding the history, culture, and diversity of those sites.

As an employee at Corvus Design, Bradley focuses on working directly with clients and permitting entities to ensure new and renovated properties meet or exceed functional landscaping standards, and have a high level of aesthetics (within or without limitations). Bradley works on a diverse range of public and private projects to develop plans and designs for community, group, and individual based designs.


  • Inclusive and community-based design (connecting people to places)
  • Construction detailing
  • Application of MOA code and landscape ordinance requirements
  • Project management and leadership


Bradley is a southern boy at heart, being born and raised in South Carolina, and spending much of his time at the lake or the ocean, hiking, fishing, and playing sports. His love for the outdoors and art made his decision to study landscape architecture and easy one.