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July 11, 2014

Russian Jack Springs Park

The park has been in for a while now, so it’s long overdue for some photos. Funding for this project was secured by the Anchorage Park Foundation and the Municipality of Anchorage Parks and Recreation Department. We (Corvus Design) provided design services. Landscape Structures through their Alaska rep Exerplay provided the play equipment. This playground is incredible for how it turned a derelict corner of a park, into an incredibly popular community amenity. For these photos, we were probably a bit early to show how many kids are usually here. As we were leaving, they started to roll in…

Custom Raven Structure with ‘help Raven find her nest’ finger puzzle.

Custom Snow Cat structure.

Iditarod Trail finger puzzle in the Snow Cat (the real trail isn’t quite so squiggly)

Side view of the polar bear structure. Glass fiber reinforced head and feet.

Polar bear paws at the bottom of four climbers.

Concrete platforms to provide seating for people, as well as to provide informal venues for performance and creative play.

Custom assembly of stock pieces to create a fishing boat, with net behind.

Custom assembly of some stock pieces to create our local small plane airport (Merrill Field)

We just can’t keep the ravens away from the playground.

Another raven!

Another area of seating and flexible use for performance or creative play. You can see how skateboarders have waxed the concrete. We didn’t actively prevent skateboarders, we just tried to design things to be beefy enough to withstand some wear and tear.

Snow Cat showing it’s ‘snow trail’ behind it… the moebius climber.

The northern lights on the back of the bear.

A ‘kittiwake cliff’ to connect the fishing boat and its net to the shoreline and the polar bear.

The ferocious polar bear slide!

The Anchorage Park Foundation held a competition to name the polar bear Nola.