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November 18, 2010

Pier 6 Playground, Brooklyn Bridge Park, NYC 2010

This past summer, a new destination playground which is part of the Brooklyn Bridge Park Project in NYC opened to the public and has been generating a buzz of public opinion.

Landscape Architecture & Play Design: Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates

New York Magazine “The harborside green is sectioned into four equally stupendous play areas: There’s Swing Valley, which includes Tarzan-style ropes and double-seaters; Slide Mountain and its thirteen-foot winding tube slide; a 6,000-square-foot Sandbox Village; and the Water Lab, with a moat, a domelike fountain, and a wading pool”

Brooklyn Bridge Park Master Plan
 Pier 6 Destination Playground is at the bottom of the plan

(click here) to visit the Brooklyn Bridge Park website