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December 24, 2010

Happy Holidays!

What a fantastic time of year! Having just passed the solstice, in Anchorage we have around five and a half hours of sunshine, and growing. The amount of darkness we have contributes greatly to how amazing this time of year is. Regardless of what we celebrate, Anchorage has come alive with lights and walking through neighborhoods, you can’t help but feel that we’re putting on a show for one another. This time of year is an opportunity to create an outdoor mood of celebration, family and friendship.

Each year, a neighbor down the street from us creates ice lumieres. His place is one of the most beautiful in Anchorage because of them, and we greatly appreciate his contribution to making this time of year feel special. These kind of displays remind me about sharing and being neighborly.

So… enjoy the lights, make a snow angel, build a jaunty snowman and try to do other things to leave your mark on our outside spaces that might make someone else smile. It’s about the spirit.

 (For those of you that are wondering, he takes a 5 gallon bucket and fills it with water. You let it freeze until it’s a cylinder of ice with water in the center. Break the ice to let the water out, and free the cylinder from the bucket. Then you can put the lumiere over a christmas light, or place a candle inside of it.)