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February 28, 2011

Fur Rondy (and beyond) – Town Square

Anchorage is a Winter City. We have all of the same issues that other cities have when it comes to making our downtown alive and vibrant, plus the challenges of cold and dark. We need opportunities and events that can help us triumph against our urge to hibernate. This starts to get a bit easier at this time of year, when you can really feel the sunshine! Each day at the moment adds over five minutes to our days (over 35 minutes a week!). There’s nothing like getting out and photosynthesizing.

One of our public spaces is adjacent to our Performing Arts Center – Town Square. This gets flooded in the winter for skating, and is the location for annual ice carving. Some people use it for skating during their lunch hours or other times of the day, but this space can really come alive when there are downtown events like Fur Rondy. The daytime photos below are from Fur Rondy, but the night time ones are from around Christmas a few months ago when they had just finished up the ice sculptures.

Clear and sunny… nothing better.
Strings of LED lights on all of the trees.
Fibre-optic lighting built-in for this reason.
Kids playing in a snow labyrinth.
Easter Island
Sundae = cold headache?
Fun lighting adding night-time interest.