In addition to general landscape architectural services, we have the following specializations:

Public Process:
With established experience and ongoing training, we can offer a toolbox of skills and techniques appropriate to your project. We possess strong facilitation skills, and believe that informed consensus is an ideal for which we should strive.

Commercial Design:
Our past projects range from business parks and office buildings to retail development on the small and large scale. Our expertise provides site plans that respond to such things as circulation patterns, parking and landscape requirements and tenant needs, and extends through the development of aesthetic landscape amenities for building users.

Visitor Center Design:
We have developed a specialty in the area of visitor center design, with completed projects for the National Park Service, the Bureau of Land Management, and the Smithsonian Institution. Our focus is on providing a visitor experience that complements building programming, increases interpretive opportunities, and provides for the comfort of the site’s users.

Details of Design:
We like to tinker. Our ability to take things apart and put them together (without parts left over) means that we understand construction and how to design things for simplicity, maintenance, ease of assembly and innovation. We maintain relationships with local contractors and fabricators to make sure that what we design is real and makes sense.

Winter City Design:
Winter is one of the most challenging seasons for which to design, but perhaps the most important in our climate. Through lighting, structures, planting design and the overall development of good spaces, we provide landscapes that are enjoyed year-round.

Environmental Design:
With a strong background in environmental science and ecological restoration, we take a great interest in working to preserve ecological function, and the restoration of natural processes that have been altered or damaged. Our solutions integrate the needs of a site’s users with ecological processes, and balance human requirements with natural ones.

Provision of Code Requirements:
With an in-depth knowledge of landscape ordinances around the state, we provide landscape designs that meet and exceed the intent of local requirements. We provide added value to our clients and their community while staying within budget and being responsive to their needs and desires.

Universal Access:
We have a strong belief in universal access to our parks, trails and amenities. We are familiar with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Architectural Barriers Act (ABA), and incorporate them into our designs in as seamless a fashion as possible.

Visual Simulations:
With a variety of techniques at our disposal, we can provide you with visual simulations that range from rigidly accurate photo-realistic images to more artistic representations of your project.

Irrigation Design:
With a careful design combined with appropriate materials and components, it is possible to have a low maintenance irrigation system in Alaska. Commercial or residential, an irrigation system can greatly benefit the health of your plants.