Juneau's downtown harbors (Aurora and Harris) play an important role for the community's commercial, recreation, and charter fleet and both have had major recent improvements to their water based facilities. The harbors also house the University's vocation education campus. Corvus Design is leading a team of designers, engineers, and economists to plan and design the uplands surrounding these harbors. Integrated within a public process, the planning effort is to identify harbor needs and support facilities while also providing economic opportunities. The desire is to strengthen Juneau as a premier port providing a wide range of services to both current users and also maritime visitors. The plan also identified the harbors as an essential component of the surrounding commercial and residential neighborhood through addressing connectivity to the waterfront. The plan includes waterfront commercial and retail to support harbor users, an expanded marine service yard, new harbor master facility, pedestrian harborwalk, new housing, fish market, and resolving parking and vehicular access issues. The project is currently in progress.