Wrangell's heritage is interwoven with the ocean and the Stikine River. The community's rich history includes commercial fishing, the timber industry, tug boats and river commerce, and continues with water based recreation activities. To celebrate Wrangell and its residents, a Mariner's Memorial is being constructed on the shore of Heritage Harbor. The memorial will be a place of contemplation, reflection and also to celebrate the community's past and its people lost at sea. A large centralized lighthouse pavilion acts as a shelter and focal point. The memorial includes a series of curved plate steel walls that mimics the hull of a ship with the names placed on them. Symbolism is included in the memorial that highlights its Native Alaskan, Russian, fishing, timber, and tugboat heritage. Work also includes a small waterfront promenade that links the memorial to an adjacent park. The memorial will become a focal point of the community and the blessing of the fleet.