The 6,000 acre Mendenhall Glacier Recreation Area (MGRA) is a national and international destination visited by nearly 600,000 people in 2016. The MGRA contains the Mendenhall Glacier, surrounded by abundant wildlife and outstanding recreation facilities. Demands are exceeding existing capacity resulting in a deminished visitor experience. Additionally  the main attraction, the glacier, is quickly receeding and may no longer be visible from the visitor center. Corvus Design is leading the planning, public involvement, and NEPA effort, while managing over a dozen specialist subconsultants. The purpose of this plan is to guide the MGRA for the next twenty years, within a vision of fifty years to provide long-term continuity with an understanding that the MGRA landscape and visitor demands are changing. The plan focuses on making innovative facility recommendations within the MGRA that will also guide future short term planning efforts for the Mendenhall Glacier Visitor Center Unit and its subsequent facility planning and permiting.