The City and Borough of Juneau initiated Phase I of the update to the Juneau Historic Preservation Plan that was originally drafted in 1997. Corvus Design led a team supported by Corvus Culture and Winter and Associates to undertake the planning effort. The 1997 Plan consisted of four goals: 1) Identify, evaluate, and protect the historic and archaeological resources; 2) Increase public awareness of the value of its historic resources; 3) Preserve and protect Juneau’s unique Native culture; and 4) Promote heritage tourism. To gauge public interest in understanding of historic preservation and the updating and adoption of a revised Plan, a series of public meetings and surveys were conducted. Input was received to understand priorities and the need to revise the outdated plan. Work included making recommendations for completing Phase II and the Plan update, including recommendations regarding Plan goals, objectives and actionable strategies, and additional public outreach and stakeholder involvement.