We get to do what we love to do!! Our desire is to engage our projects in a thorough fashion, and to provide a new level and type of service for Alaska. While we are equipped to provide a wide variety of landscape architectural services, we have passions that we wish to share. We have a fundamental desire to create successful places for Alaskans, we have a green philosophy that is working hard to further sustainable design within our state from all angles, and we have a need to understand how things work and constantly strive to not only improve standard ways of doing things, but to also disassemble, combine and rebuild into the innovative and new. These passions are included within our billing rates and are thus available at no extra charge.

As it says on the opening page of our website, our mission is to craft meaningful people-based places, facilitate connections to our landscapes that respect ecological processes, and develop opportunities for enjoyment, comfort and fun.

With offices in Anchorage and Juneau, Corvus Design is Alaska’s largest independent landscape architecture firm, and has extensive experience throughout the state. Established in 2006, our firm has an established track record of providing high-level client service and delivering successful products on over two hundred projects.  We provide a full-range of traditional landscape architectural and planning services including: community and neighborhood master planning, site planning, site and landscape design, environmental services, and permitting assistance. We provide these services from site analysis and conceptual design through construction documents and construction administration.